Collaboration Solutions: Enhancing Social Media Collaboration for Enhanced Learning

Jeremy Short, CEO , Collaboration SolutionsJeremy Short, CEO
Social Media platforms such as E-commerce websites, Wiki, and networking sites like Twitter are great vehicles of learning. These “Blended learning” and “Flipping the classroom” platforms uplift the learning horizon to a more digitized mode of education. As more educational institutions embrace one to one learning models, the social media platforms and collaborative digital technology environments can help students gain insights. Sherman Oaks, CA based company, CSi offers digital collaborative workspaces, conferencing solutions, and products that can offer complete digital experience. “Enterprises grapple with creating potent interactions and collaboration experiences in order to enhance productivity, required to combat the speed paced changing business landscape,” delineates Jeremy Short, CEO, Collaboration Solutions, Inc.

CSi’s motto is to empower the organizations, educational institutions and gauge the diverse digital ecosystem of an organization and look into how the workforce or students can effectively collaborate with the technology based environments. “Collaboration of digital technology is made possible since we support modern scenarios and tools that can transform the collaboration into a most productive and creative one,” states Short. CSi also looks into how individuals can work in different work settings and supports their transition between the technology stages, besides collaborating with new technology and products. For instance, CSi helps a user working on a presentation to switch into a group collaboration model in order to review the presentation on the Microsoft Surface Hub. In the case of educational institutions, the University of North Florida (UNF) partnered with CSi to complete many audio-visual and conferencing projects for the University. On one such projects, CSi provided consultation and implementation services to upgrade the University President’s boardroom with the latest audio visual (A/V) technology. The President’s room was installed with a recessed electric projector screen as well as a projector on motorized lift in the ceiling.

Collaboration of digital technology is made possible, since we support modern scenarios and tools that can transform the collaboration into a most productive and creative one

The implementation services offered a complete digital educative and informative experience to the students and the staff of the University.

CSi’s product, Quicklaunch intuitively joins student or work meetings with one-click or one-touch from the main dashboard with the user experience that can unite disparate backend collaboration technologies, making them invisible to the user. Quicklaunch enables the organizations to control the settings of all of their collaboration rooms from a single location, ensuring that the room standardization is always met. Quicklaunch in specific can perform functions like launching required or selected applications from a single click of a dashboard. The product in a matter of few seconds can display the company information, business intelligence, and assets during the course of a meeting. The product enables custom security through locking down Quicklaunch device for enhancing security.

Furthermore, Virbeya, CSi’s visual management product, removes the physical space limitations of a meeting and increases a team’s productivity by displaying actionable intelligence about a team project, keeping the team continually informed and acting on issues. With Virbeya, the digital reports, summaries, and all other information can be made available on a single location. This allows data to be shared across the cross functioning teams. Further, Virbeya’s user experience interface helps multiple devices—mobile, PCs, Macs, and video conference room technologies— allowing for access from the required touch screen.

Forging forward, CSi is planning to provide services across various industry sectors worldwide. CSi is also planning to bring consulting expertise into their products to enhance their performance to educational and other institutions.