TargetX: Leveraging Social Media to Boost Recruitment

Sasha Peterson, CEO, TargetXSasha Peterson, CEO
Today, students are social media enthusiasts—communicating and sharing their experiences on sites like Facebook or Instagram. In line with such a trend, the education providers are seeking social media platforms that will help them with their recruitment and retention programs. This is where TargetX comes into the picture with its robust social media platform that allows universities to not only streamline their recruitment and retention programs but help build a strong relationship with students and monitor the entire student lifecycle in the institution. “We offer a way for education providers to consolidate best-in-class social media solutions fully integrated with CRM platforms,” opines Sasha Peterson, CEO, TargetX. “Social media integration, student recruitment, sending information, and capturing data in an application, all managed in one-platform sets us apart in the market.”

Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA, TargetX provides a campus-wide social media solution built on Salesforce CRM platform, facilitating colleges to foster relationships and forge lifelong communications with prospective, current, alumni students, and potential donors through social media. “With our deep expertise in the field of education, we help colleges and universities to customize and implement effective and innovative social media solutions,” states Peterson.

To incorporate social media into educational ecosystem, TargetX provides solutions in two ways—direct and indirect. In the direct aspect, the company’s Schools app helps students that are admitted and those that are not enrolled, to engage in the learner community of the institution. Using the app, students can be well acquainted with other students through the community. “Our platform indirectly markets for the institutions where excited students evangelize other students before the enrollment and get to know about the institution,” says Peterson. The platform provides a mobile first social media experience integrated with Salesforce CRM platform.

In the indirect aspect, the company provides Retention CRM, a social media platform that helps prospective students to communicate with their classmates, find study groups, buy books and share notes taken in classes through Facebook or college forums.

With our deep expertise in the field of education, we help colleges and universities customize and implement effective and innovative social media solutions

The TargetX CRM tool helps the school to track and monitor social media communications such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help recruit students and understand their requirements.

The company complements Schools app and Retention CRM with its social media feature rich Recruitment CRM tool. It is designed for college admissions, and can collect, communicate, analyze and enroll the right students. The suite is consolidated with three tools— prospect, application and decision. “The prospect tool allows customers to obtain, communicate or process the data within any media such as text message, email, letter, phone call all managed in one platform,” delineates Peterson. Using application tool, the students can manage their application during the admission process through any device. The decision tool helps university admission officers to not only review the student application but also evaluate transcripts, and recommendation letters online.

In one instance, Pepperdine University, with its five different admission offices managing a number of graduate and undergraduate programs, used different CRM tools. It led to the difficulties in knowledge sharing between these offices. The institution needed a robust, cross campus, single CRM solution with social media integration. The university collaborated with TargetX and implemented a single CRM system. The client found huge efficiencies as it facilitated knowledge sharing and best practices, which was less expensive to run. Different offices coordinated and helped each other to execute different education programs.

Peterson concludes by saying, “With our 16-year reputation for providing innovative technologies, and being partnered with over 400 colleges and universities, we are committed to help education providers overcome the challenges and succeed.”